About Us

Vet4ever Company was established on October 2011 by a group of fresh graduate veterinarians. Their vision was to create a professional startup business module that suits and matches the needs for the growing niche companion animal practice. We were special by providing consultative action selling along with ethical values to their small animal vets' clients. Innovation in business is important. Adding new products to the range, investing in business software, understanding market/customer needs, regular sales analyzing and forecasting are examples of a successful strategic thinking business planning company. And today, vet4ever is the pioneer and leading company serving the small animal practice. Our continuous developing of supply chains and order/delivery mechanisms across Egypt created opportunities for equine and livestock markets, thanks for our business-market experienced team. The company is based in Cairo Egypt. In end of year 2014, an expansion branch in Alexandria was established and in the end of 2017, third branch in Delta region was established.
What We Do
Vet4ever is an importing, trading and wholesaling distributor company. We serve the clinical/medical fields for the small animal and equines and livestock markets in Egypt
Vision statement
We want to be referred as the best consultative center and supplier for the veterinary practice in Egypt. We will do our best to improve the veterinary profession and the life of animals.
Mission statement
To be reliable and flexible business partners to the veterinary professions practices.
We are against monopoly and follow anti-corruption policies. We are ethically oriented and supporting socio-environmental organizations.
Business concept
Our general concept is that we are a market oriented company by providing what the market needs to fulfill demands. We perfectly position new products according to segmentation by our marketing tools and project launches.